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East Lancashire GPs express anger at patients’ lists axe

09/08/2016, 08:24

EAST Lancashire GPs have expressed their anger at a new initiative which is set to axe patients from doctors surgeries if they haven’t visited for five years. Under the initiative, those who have not seen their doctor for five years will be sent two letters asking them to respond, but if they cannot be contacted they will be removed from the practice list and will have to re-register. Russ McClean, East Lancashire Patients Champion, said: “I am absolutely appalled at this idea and I will be writing letters to CCG’s urging them not to implement this initiative. “There is increasing pressure on GPs and A and E at the moment but what I will say is that some people go to the GP for things as simple as paracetamol whereas some will not go unless they are on their death bed. “It is frightening that the latter are the ones that are going to get cut off.”


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